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Sketchy Pharma Step 1 Videos

SketchyPharm includes 100+ videos covering high-yield pharmacology topics for the USMLE Step 1

Usually, the sketches or scenes are associated with something that sounds like the name of some place or something related to daily activity, and the creators of the course use colours, stories, and recurring symbols to help us remember the small details. SketchyPharm is part of SketchyMedical, a video course that encompasses three major medicine subjects: out of which sketchyPharm is considered the most Important and you can get the sketchy pharmacology course at the cheapest prices possible only on


Pharmacology is made up of a ton of small and often random details that are difficult to remember, so Sketchy takes all these seemingly unrelated tidbits and puts it into a neat little story. Which are super easy to remember so inspite of wasting hours on reading books and trying to learn stuff which majority of people fail to accomplish easily the best option is to learn by sketchy easiest way to learn and remember all those long, confusing names of drugs which are quite boring to learn and kills the precious time.



  • Easy to use
  • Memorable videos
  • The SketchyPharm videos are relatively short
  • The memory hooks are constant throughout the entire SketchyPharm, which helps with memory retention

SketchyPharm teachers

Bryan Lemieux, MD (Co-founder), Andrew Berg, MD (Co-founder), Saud Siddiqui, MD(Co-founder)

All of them are the one involved in step one preparation and later decided to build a company for improving the memory built of USMLE aspirant by the creation of such fantastic pneumonics

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